Invention Licensing

Gain royalties and commercialize your invention without worrying about production and sales.

Invention Academy
Invention Academy

Turn Your Patent into Money

License your patent to the right licensee and minimize your risks and costs.

Invention Licensing, a powerful and lucrative method of distributing your invention

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Short Time to Market

Licensing your technology guarantees you a quick & easy entry into the market.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Break into New Markets

Gain a massive market penetration, increase sales and earn more revenues from your license.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Generate Revenues

Avoid high manufacturing and distribution costs and get paid for the right to use your patent.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Keep Ownership of your IP

Licensing your patent allows you to receive royalties while you still retaining ownership of your IP.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Reduce Risk

With a license agreement,  you reduce the risk of devastating losses if you launch the product by yourself.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Competitive Advantage

Licensing your patent gives you a competitive advantage over competitors and other players in the market.

Best Solutions to License Your Invention

Invention Academy

Confidentiality by Default

Our Experts & researchers are bound by non-disclosure agreements, you can be reassured that your disclosure is 100% confidential.

Invention Academy

Short Time Process   

Our knowledge of the IP landscape of many technology fields allow as to speed up the process of negotiation and get to the goal in shorter time.

Invention Academy

Proven Methodologies

By employing advanced and smart methodologies, we are able to target the most motivated licensees interested in your patent. 

Invention Academy

Effective Negotiation Skills

Our knowledge of the IP landscape & negotiation skills are valuable assets to ensure lucrative outcomes from your licensing agreement. 

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