The Age of Faith

People are more connected than ever, it's time to boost faith in the world.
We make technology serves the servants of God.

Halaqa Project

Halaqa helps religious leaders and institutions to manage their activities, interact with believers and offer counseling and education, etc... Halaqa uses Artificial Intelligence and automation, you can connect with it via classical means such as PC and mobile ... or by voice using Smart Speakers. Halaqa can be connected with Robot, so in this case the robot acts as an intermediate between believers and religious leader and plays a role of messenger who offers education, spiritual counseling and shares  with others  what he has learned from religious leader.

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Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

You Can Do More to Help Them

Religious leaders provide education, guidance and counseling to help believers live a better life in this world. 

However, spiritual challenges are all around us. When a believer falls into a spiritual temptation or faces difficulties which challenge his or her faith, he or she needs spiritual support and care. You can communicate with him/her and provide him/her with spiritual counseling to strengthen his/her faith, and no matter how many people need your support, with Halaqa, you are able to serve them without stressing yourself. Artificial Intelligence in Halaqa makes it easier for you and increases your ability to provide the right guidance and counseling in a short period of time.

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          Social Network

          Create social networks where people can communicate with each other and share knowledge. You can create your own website without using a code just by dragging and dropping. With an easy-to-use user interface, you can manage forums, conversations between members, publishing in blog and organize events. 

          Social Network Features:

          • Live chat

          • Forum

          • Blogs

          • Website builder

          • Event manager

          • Survey

          • Calendar

          • Contact manager

          • Discuss 


          Teach people and share your knowledge and wisdom with them. Using LMS tools, you can easily create and publish free and paid courses, manage the learning process and motivate your students using gamification. You can create your course using videos, PDF files, presentations...Test the retention of your students using quizzes and exams and give them certificates at the end of the course. 

          LMS Features:

          • Course management

          • Quizzes and exams

          • Advanced monitoring and reporting

          • Certification  

          • Student management

          • Instructor management

          • Multimedia support

          • Question pool  

          Resource Planning 

          Do you work in an institution? Resource Planning is all what you need. You can manage your human and financial resources, the activities and projects of your institution. Resource Planning is full of tools which facilitate the management and administration of your institution and provide you with the insight you need to make the right decisions. 

          Resource Planning Features: 

          • Human Resource management

          • Project management

          • Attendance manager

          • Recruitment   

          • Skill management

          • Manage online hiring

          • Holidays and time off management

          • Expense management

          • Employees management  


          You can sell your products and provide your services via your Halaqa. You have at your disposal the tools for sales management, stock management, customer relationship management,... To promote your products, you can use email and SMS marketing tools. In case you have a shop, you can use the POS included in your Halaqa.

          Ecommerce Features: 

          • Customer Relationship Management

          • Inventory management

          • Invoice and payment management

          • Sales management   

          • Point of sale

          • Orders and purchase management  

          • SMS marketing

          • Email marketing 

          You're Here and There... Without Boundaries 

          Halaqa is not just a web application you can connect with through your mobile phone or PC... Halaqa is more than that, it has a persona and you can engage with it if you have a Smart Speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant,...

          Religious education, counseling and spiritual guidance you offer to your people are not limited in a web application, Halaqa via Smart Speakers provides your spiritual and educational services to families in their homes interactively, when they ask a question to Smart Speaker, they receive an answer because Smart Speaker is connected with Halaqa which answers questions from what it has learned from you, from your courses, your answers to people's questions and articles you publish... By using Smart Speaker with Halaqa, your presence goes beyond your institution, you are there, in every home, offering counseling and guidance to your people.

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          Odoo • Text and Image
          Odoo • Image and Text

          He Learns From You to Teach Others

          Nao is a smart robot, he learns from courses and articles you publish in Halaqa, he is able to understand your answers to people's questions and the counseling you offer them.

          He is the student whom every teacher dreams of, he is a student who does not forget, he learns everything from you and shares everything he has learned with others, he does not say anything from himself but only what he has learned from you, however, he is very smart to know when to speak and what to say. He can identify people, distinguish their age, sexe and emotional state and provide them with the knowledge appropriate to them in a funny and exciting way.

          Nao is a robot loved by children, they love to spend time with him. He is your faithful messenger to a child in his home or to a group of children in their school, he teaches them the spiritual principles he has learned from you and answers all their questions, his presence makes the learning process funny and exciting, the course of religious education becomes a joyful time and when children enjoy the course of religious education, their faith will be strengthened and their chance to live a better and spiritually safe life in this world, will increase.

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          Your Favorite Ambassador

          People have a lot of questions about faith and spiritual life. Visiting places of worship or participating in an event organized by your religious institution is a chance for them to find answers to their questions, however for many reasons, not all visitors get in touch with representatives of your religious institution.

          Pepper is a smart robot with an adorable shape which encourages visitors to approach him and interact with him, he is connected with Halaqa, he can answer visitors' questions, take their contacts, send them e-mails and submit reports to your religious institution... He is funny and can be very useful for your religious institution to welcome visitors, spread your institution's message, make surveys, ... He is the best ambassador for your religious institution.

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          How Can I Get My Own Halaqa?

          Register Halaqa

          Fill in the registration application: Choose your Halaqa domain name from the list of Moroccan domain names we are offering for free*, select features of your Halaqa and provide information about your target audience.

          Cost Estimation

           When we receive your application, we calculate the costs of your Halaqa setup, the subscription fees according to the resources and features you have selected, then we prepare a proposal to send it to our sponsors to finance your Halaqa. 


          In a two-week period, once we receive a positive answer from our sponsors, we contact you to get further information about your Halaqa, then we proceed with the design, development and deployment steps of your Halaqa.

          Get Halaqa

          Your Halaqa is ready now, we provide you with an intensive course, so you can learn all what you need to profit from the possibilities of your Halaqa. We offer consulting and support services, you can contact us any time if you need help.


          Halaqa is a web platform delivered as a service (SaaS), it helps religious leaders and institutions to provide spiritual counseling, managing religious activities, E-learning, Ecommerce and more...

          Halaqa is a service dedicated to religious leaders and institutions.

          You don't need to be an IT expert to manage your Halaqa, as the User Interface is easy-to-use and there are explanations and instructions to help you, in addition to support and training services we provide.

          Fill in the registration application: Choose your Halaqa domain name from the list of Moroccan domain names we are offering for free* and the features you need in your Halaqa. When we receive your application, we will calculate the costs of your Halaqa setup, the subscription fees according to the resources and features you have selected, then we will send a sponsorship request to our sponsors. In a two-week period, once we receive a positive response, we will begin the process of design, development and deployment steps of your Halaqa.

          Usually, for a medium-sized project, Halaqa will be ready within a period of 12 weeks, not to mention the time required to find a sponsor.

          In principle, you can manage your Halaqa from your house and provide your services without having an office. In an advanced stage, you can provide an office where you can work with your work team.

          In the beginning, you can work alone to manage your Halaqa, provide counseling, teach people, publish content... If you are planning to create a large-scale Halaqa, you can recruit specialized staff for Halaqa administration, content creation ...

          If you work from home, you will only need one computer to manage your Halaqa and if you have distant employees working online with you, they will need computers too. While if you have an office, you will be required to provide a computer for each employee with desks, tables, supplies, in addition to other equipment such as air conditioners ...

          How can I make money on Halaqa?

          There are more than one way to take advantage of your Halaqa:


          You can start your own E-learning service, offer paid courses, manage students subscriptions and give course completion certificates.

          Selling products:

          You can sell physical and digital products and provide paid services.


          You can provide paid advertisements service for companies in the form of banners to be displayed on your Halaqa pages.

          * Free Moroccan domain names service is an exclusive service for Coexistence Halaqa, Jewish Halaqa and Christian Halaqa. 

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